Pastel de Nata, creamy, flaky custard tart, served with cinnamon and icing sugar is one of Portugal’s culinary gifts to the world.

The original recipe was a guarded secret passed down since 18th century by the Monks of Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon.

The origins of Nicola Coffee date back to one of Lisbon’s most iconic establishments: the Nicola Café Restaurant.
Established in 1779, this coffee house was a meeting place for writers and politicians and the home to one of Lisbon’s famous intellectual circles, the tertulias.

Among the personalities present in these gatherings, poet Bocage stands out.

Traditional hand crafted ice cream from the city of Aveiro in Portugal, governed by the motto “Innovate while keeping tradition”. Known as “The Portuguese Venice” due to it’s canals and gondola-shaped boats, Aveiro is the inspiration for many of our products.

Our ice creams use the traditional flavours and ingredients from the land of Portugal.