Meet the Chef behind Nattas Abu Dhabi

Bruno Porto is the Executive Chef of Nattas Restaurant.

Bruno was born in Macau, China in 1991 with his Portuguese parents so that makes him a true Portuguese blood, the only reason why he was born there was due to the nature of his parents’ work. When he was a year old he was brought to his home country and he grew up his entire life in Portugal. At an early age of 4 he already have developed his love for food aside from his love to eat. He was curious of the taste of the food he eats. He dissects every flavor from its core. His curiosity made him to peruse to become a chef one day. After high school he studied at EHTC- Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Coimbra, Portugal with the course of Management and Production Kitchen. He soon started working as a dish washer at first and passed all the ranks of a chef in a number of restaurants and famous hotels in Portugal. 2017, was a big year for him. He found a job abroad, an opportunity to travel and work as a Executive chef in Abu Dhabi – A huge step for his professional career and his beginning for a brighter future.

Cozinheiro Bruno Porto is the Executive Chef of Nattas Restaurant. At the age of 25, he already reached the highest ranking chef in the brigade system yet he humbles himself as he hungers for more experience and eager to learn more knowledge. He dreams to manage his own restaurant some day and he is clear with his goals of his career; like everyone else he wants to be a known chef and wants to travel all around the world to explore new tastes to improve his craft for food.