Chef Tito Cebola

Born in Lisbon in the year of 1992, Tito Reis Cebola initiated his journey in the world of the kitchens with only 17 years old.

Although his age, the young chef of the “Costa de Caparica”(Portugal), passed already for some of the most best restaurants and hotels of Lisbon, such as the Hotel Lapa Palace, Intercontinental Hotel (Marques de Pombal) or the restaurant Bica do Sapato, having later go to the adventure in lands Scandinavians, Denmark, where it was part of equips of the famous and appraised restaurant Sortebro Kro.

Tito Cebola, hugs now a new projecto, The Nattas Café. Sharing the same dream and ambition, to divulge the traditional Portuguese food, the tuning between both was immediate.

“I think that each time more we have that to give to know our “Small corner” that has in such a way potential, and in such a way to show. Our gastronomy was given to know a lot and is now the right time to show the rich gastronomy of the “Heroes of the sea”. (Words of the Chef)

chef Tito promises to make “jus” to the Portuguese gastronomy and to make the people if to delight with “its” plates, showing the essence that in them implements.